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20-40 Minute Talks – Ideal for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Meetings
Embracing your goals with a spirit of excellence can set you apart from the masses and place you on a trajectory toward living an extraordinary life. In this talk, we’ll discuss the power of excellence, identify the key qualities and habits that contribute to excellence, and examine how to integrate and apply these elements to different areas of life, such as career, relationships, and health/fitness, to create a life most people only dream of living.
Traditional success gurus teach setting big (big!) goals with aggressive timelines that require massive action. However, this approach doesn’t work for most people, and there’s a simple biologic reason why – our brains are wired to resist change. It’s part of a primitive system in our brains designed to keep us alive and safe. So what are we to do when we want or need to make a change in our lives?

Experts now recognize that the secret to change is to begin with changes that are so small they sneak under the brain’s protective radar, to create new neural networks that once established, build momentum and create even bigger, and lasting, changes. In this talk, we will explore the principles of change, and effective, real-world strategies for how to change old behaviors, create new habits, and achieve big goals.
The concept of kaizen (a process of continuous small improvements) started in the world of large-scale manufacturing businesses – think the “Toyota Way.” But kaizen can be just as valuable to the small business owner or career-focused employee, and can give you the edge you need to stand out in a crowded competitive field. Consistently applying the principle of kaizen in your business or career will take you to the “Zone of Excellence” where customers and opportunities chase you instead of the other way around. In this talk, we’ll discuss what kaizen is, how and why it works, and specific ways you can apply it in your business or career to transform your results.
These days when you ask someone how they are doing, the answer too often is ‘busy’, ‘exhausted’, or ‘rushed’. Our schedules are crammed to the limit or beyond, and we live in constant fear that the spinning plates are going to come crashing down. We don’t have the breathing room to actually enjoy the activities, or to experience that sense of satisfaction for a job well done for more than a fleeting moment. In this talk, we’ll take a look at how we can declutter our schedules, much the same way we would unclutter an overstuffed closet, and create space to live life instead of rushing from obligation to obligation.
Far too often, we say yes to requests without examining how they fit or align with our priorities. But saying yes to one opportunity means saying no to something else, and frequently our impulse to say yes leads to either stress and overwhelm as we try to cram in all of our obligations, or to putting some of our high priority goals and dreams on the backburner. In this talk we will discuss how to evaluate opportunities to determine how they align our true priorities, as well as strategies for saying no – painlessly and decisively.
Burnout – a state of physical and/or emotional exhaustion, usually resulting from long-term stress or dissatisfaction in some area of our life. Some professions are more prone to the development of burnout, but this syndrome can affect anyone, and many people find themselves somewhere on the slippery slope leading to burnout at some point in their lives. And while the experience of burning out can be unpleasant, it can also be an opportunity to reevaluate and recreate our lives in a way that brings more joy, satisfaction, and meaning, than ever before. In this talk, we’ll review the common causes of burnout, and identify strategies for reigniting your passion, reducing sources of ongoing stress, and returning to a point where life brings joy and fulfillment once again.
1.5 – 2-Hour Workshop – Ideal for Retreats or Break-Out Sessions
You’ve seen those maps in malls or on nature trails, the ones with a big red “X” that shows “You Are Here”. By orienting yourself to where you are, you can then follow the map to where you want to be. If you don’t know where you are, the map is worthless and reaching your destination is a matter of random chance. The same thing is true in life. Knowing where you want to go is critical, but it’s not enough. In order to develop a rational plan to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, it is just as important to know where you are.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate their satisfaction in multiple important areas of their lives, and begin to develop a vision for what they would ideally want to experience in each of those areas. We will then begin to develop an individualized action plan to close the gap between where participants are now, and where they want to be, with specific steps they can begin to implement immediately to gain greater satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment.